Pure Writer - Auto Bakup & Cloud Backup Tutorial

Note: This tutorial is very easy. For a foolproof backup, please be sure to give it a try.

Auto Backup

By default, once your article content changes and you leave Pure Writer, Pure Writer will automatically back up all your articles, settings, messages, etc., which will be stored in your phone's local storage Documents/PureWriter/Backups or Documents/PureWriter/Backups/Auto directories. If you reinstall Pure Writer, you can go to Pure Writer - Settings - Backup page, and click Restore Backup to restore your previous backup.

This Auto Backup cannot be turned off, otherwise Pure Writer will not be able to guarantee that your article will not be lost. But you can rest assured that Pure Writer will not back up indefinitely and cause less storage space on your phone. It will help you automatically maintain 25 of the latest automatic backup files, and the old backup versions will be deleted. Of course, Documents/PureWriter/Backups that you manually click on Pure Writer's Backup Now will not be included, they will be permanently stored on your phone unless you delete them yourself.

The backup results of manual Backup Now is in the Documents/PureWriter/Backups directory, and the Documents/PureWriter/Backups generated by the Auto Backup are in the Documents/PureWriter/Backups/Auto directory.

Cloud Backup

Pure Writer also supports Cloud Backup. If you set up cloud backup, even if your phone is lost or you clear all the data of your phone for flashing ROMs, you can still restore your previous cloud backup by reinstalling Pure Writer and logging in to the cloud backup account.

On the Pure Writer Settings - Backup & Cloud Backup page, you can use the Dropbox or WebDAV account as the target drive for cloud backup. It is recommended to use Dropbox, click on that item to log in to your Dropbox account, it's very easy. After logging in, cloud backup will be done automatically every time, and your articles will never have to worry about losing.